Steve Kirby - Freelance Animator and Director

School of Life

Sometimes the commissions that are the most fun are ones where you’re given nothing but a script, with the freedom to construct a visual narrative around it. This short film for the School of Life charts the relationships of two couples engaged in the cycle of nagging.  A shirking husband and his long-suffering wife, and a daughter who has become unreceptive to her mother’s tyrannical lessons.

Designed, Directed, Animated & Produced by: Steve Kirby
Written & Narrated by: Alain de Botton
Sound Design by: Trevor Richardson / Sonosanctus
Additional Animation by: Andrew Embury
Client: The School of Life

Rapidly sketched thumbnails to get ideas out as fast and flexibly as possible
A very rough storyboard. For commercial work this would normally be more refined!
Developing character shapes, poses and values.
A still from the finished film.