Steve Kirby

About me

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As a kid I was obsessed with the artwork of games and comics and was always making my own weird version of some cartoon or other  - perhaps my Judge Dredd pyjamas were the high point of this phase.  The love for image-making, story-telling and putting things together lead me into digital animation and character-based design.

Nowadays I’m a grown-up, award-winning freelance director and animator based in London and sunny Norfolk.  As well as working independently, I get to help out at some of my favourite studios like Animade, Studio AKA and Mummu, and see my work on the big screen at amazing conferences like Encounters and Pictoplasma. I even put together a tool for other animators.

I’m always happy to chat through any potential project, no matter how big or small.  Drop me a line:
+44 (0)7891 902966

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